About MaskUp Abuja

The competition will provide the Creative Business specifically the Fashion Designers a platform to pitch their business ideas that specifically address the Production of Face Masks and Other Tools for Social Distancing. Winners who emerge from the process will be provided funding to implement their ideas.

Objectives of Maskup Abuja

  1. To facilitate innovation in the Creative Sectors
  2. To facilitate the development of new business models for Fashion Designers.
  3. To facilitate recovery of the Fashion Industry being one of the most impacted sectors of the economy.
  4. To facilitate access to Finance for MSMEs
  5. To build the capacity of businesses on the use of technology to grow their business, business profiling and undertaking Virtual Pitch.
  6. To Facilitate business growth and employment creation
  7. To encourage MSMEs in playing an active role in driving solution for COVID 19 Pandemic.

MaskUp Abuja is designed to be an event where entrepreneurs in the fashion industry from all around the Federal Capital Territory will be given in the opportunity showcase their creativity by designing up to standard



  1. Age: 18-40
  2. In line with NCDC and SON standard
  3. Must be resident in FCT



  1. Visit www.maskupabuja.com and complete the registration form
  2. Follow the official accounts for @abujaenterpriseagency @OfficialFCTA @ThreeMPlus @VodiTailors and @ColombiaNigeria
  3. Upload a pitch Video of máximum 5mints duration.
  4. Add on Caption Section the RU-CODE, Name of your design and the following hashtags: #maskupabuja #Abuja #FightingCovidTogetherFCT #abujaenterpriseagency


Registration and Submission: 9th – 16th of May 2020.